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Submitting text

To begin with we may be working on a design concept for your project which means that we only need rough copy of the right length to work with. Thatís no problem at all.

However, once you have submitted your signed-off copy ready for us to work with, please be aware that significant changes which mean a redesign your artwork will take time and can therefore add to the cost. This does not include the regular amends which we plan for with

all jobs. The main thing is that the text which is signed off is unlikely to change significantly in terms of length later on.

Editing your text
We have exceptionally good editorial experience and you may want us to help with your text, so before we start your project we will discuss your editorial needs with you. You can find out more about these services on the Editorial page.

Multiple writers?
On many projects, especially long reports, there may be more than one writer. If this is the case it can be helpful to give them a template and guidelines so that you end up with chapters which are the right length and written in a style which works across your document. We are experienced in helping customers create templates and style sheets so please do ask for advice. Watch out for references! This is one area where you are likely to encounter a mixture of styles. Setting out a style sheet here can be invaluable.

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