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Printing FAQ

What printers do we use?
We usually use one of four local printers based in Devon and Somerset, with whom we have long-standing relationships and whose quality of work we trust. We are keen to source everything as locally as possible. Working regularly with our partner printers means that we can provide swift turnaround times and remain confident in the results.

Do we shop around?
Yes, we will generally source three prices when quoting for a job so

that you can be sure that you are getting a good deal. We are also more than happy to include your own suggested printer in this or to work exclusively with a printer of your own choosing.

What about proofs?
Proofs are usually either provided as PDFs or laser print-outs. However, if a very precise colour is crucial for you on a particular job we can request a wet proof for you. There will usually be a charge for this and it is also important to build this into the schedule.

And colour?
Computer screens vary. Ours are calibrated so that what we see is extremely close to the finished result. This may well not be the case with your screen. If you would like us to match something exactly you can send us a swatch or existing item to work with. If you have any questions about this just ask.

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