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Submitting pics

Understand imagery?
Please submit images by email or online shared folder, etc. at high-res (min. 300dpi) at size.

No idea?
You are not alone - most of our customers need help here. The quality of the images in your finished product will reflect the quality of the images which you give to us.

Anything printed requires high-resolution images. This is not the same as an image used on a

website. We cannot take images off a website for print because they will be fuzzy. Instead you will need to send us the full-size, original digital files (the ones which came off the camera to begin with).

Email programmes sometimes ask if you would like to compress your pics before sending them. Please say 'no' and send them at full size without any compression. If you get stuck just shout and we can guide you through.

No images yet?
We can buy images for you through specialist libraries, help you commission images or advise you about photographers. If you have arranged photography it is worth chatting with us before you begin to make sure you get the right kind of shots for the job.

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