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Sending us amends

Every project involves amends. When you submit your amends please do this by email or on a marked-up set of proofs. Giving amends over the phone is not ideal for various reasons, all of which increase the likelihood of errors. It is much better for the designer to have written instructions in front of them so that they can keep this as a reference whilst they rearrange the page elements as required.

One effective way to lay your amends out is in a simple

document which specifies exactly where the corrections need to be made and gives details of the changes. For example:

Page 7, column 2, paragraph 3, line 4. Insert the missing word 'surgery' after 'heart'.

If you are asking for a change to a document where space is tight but you need to add more text then there is room for, it is helpful to suggest what you would like to cut to allow for the change.

Alternatively we can make suggestions - we are pretty nifty at jiggery pokery and rather good at editing to fit if you say you want us to!

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