Lighthouse Communications  Formerly Naomi Cudmore Communications!

It's all about you

We are very proud that almost all of our business comes to us by word of mouth and that our customers tend to stay with us for a long time. We take feedback from customers extremely seriously. After every job with a new customer or after a new project with an existing client we will ask you to fill in a short feedback form. If you receive one of these please do help us to keep learning by filling it in. There is always something which can be refined, if you would prefer we did something slightly differently we

need to know and in the process you may suggest an idea which we could implement – plus of course its great to know when weve done well too!

If you are pleased with the service which you have received please do tell friends and colleagues!! Variety helps us to keep generating new ideas and the wider the range of clients, the more cross-fertilisation there is. If you do introduce us to a completely new client who then commissions us to work for

them*, we will reward you when they pay us with a 5% discount voucher on your next project (up to a maximum value of 50) or donate 50 to the charity of your choice.

If you would like us to send you a pro forma for submitting your corrections just ask.

* Their first project must be worth at least 1,000

If you would like to know what other customers have said about us you can read a wide variety of their testimonials within our portfolios on this site.

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