Lighthouse Communications  Helping you throughout your journey

Your business

Marketing is more important than ever during challenging times. We know that your budgets and timescales may be tight but that your message needs to be clear, effective and bright.

Help when you are new
Working with new businesses is rewarding because creating a clear message and identity early makes for a more effective, coordinated approach. We can help plan your messages, reducing stress and maximising impact.

When your business is changing Transitions, such as moving premises or changing direction, are ideal times to assess your look to make sure that it is working for you. Key things to consider are 'Who do you need to tell?', 'What do you need to tell them?' and 'How do you want to say it?' We can help!

Your daily needs
Ideally your materials will all work together. Less is often more and we can produce the items listed here, and many others besides, to help you achieve this.

See our portfolio for examples or contact us if you need something different.

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