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Photography can be all-important for your communications. You may already have your own excellent pictures ready for use or perhaps you are planning to arrange marketing photos especially for your campaign. If this is the case then you may want to chat with us before you start so that, once we have established what kind of materials you would like us to work on, we can then help advise about how to approach the visuals.

For NHS and other public-sector work you may already have your own images ready for us to work with or you may ask us to source them on your behalf through one of the specialist image libraries which we use.

If you prefer to commission your own NHS photography, there are professionals who we can recommend depending on where you are based, the style of the campaign and the size of your budget.

For local businesses who need new publicity shots we have our very own West Country photographer. You can read all about Andrew Hobbs and see samples of his work on the page about him within the Who we are section.

Are your images useable?
If you are wondering about the technicalities of submitting your images to us you might want to start by taking a quick look at our page on 'submitting pics' in the How useful! section.

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