Lighthouse Communications  A cost-effective, all-in-one solution

Graphic design and illustration

Naomi Cudmore is the main Lighthouse Communications designer and also designs Exmoor Magazine. She began designing whilst working for Halsgrove Publishing in the late 1990s when she edited and designed books for five years.

Freelancer Colin Matthews works on the creation and adaption of maps, diagrams and other graphics. Kathryn Nicols is a professional illustrator who runs The Drawing House and provides the lighthouse team with

wonderful illustrations for various projects. Natasha Acres, who transformed Naomi's wobbly watercolour lighthouse into a digital illustration, runs Wow Creative. We all work on macs using Adobe Creative Suite.

So what can we design? Well, pretty much anything, from a car sticker or a coffee cup, to a shop front or super-sized hoarding. We can design brochures and other products to fit an existing brand or create a bespoke logo design and complete look from scratch.

Once we begin working with a client almost without exception they come back to us for further products, sometimes regularly, say for a monthly newsletter or yearly report, or simply from time to time – when their café menu needs updating or they are staging a new event. Working with long-term clients is highly rewarding, not least because it looks great when a brand develops to bring a project, organisation or business together visually.

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